Jody Watley

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"Jody Watley is serving notice she isn’t resting on her past glories and proved she is still a talented force to be reckoned with." Harriet Kaplan SoCalMusicToday Concert Review, 2016 Grammy Award Winning Pop/R&B/Dance and Style Icon Jody Watley has the distinction of being named “one of the most prominent visionaries of her era” by Wax Poetics magazine and one of the Greatest Dance Club Artists of All Time by Billboard Magazine in 2016. With millions of albums sold, 13 #1 singles including classics "Don't You Want Me", "Looking for a New Love" with it's signature pop culture phrase "Hasta la Vista Baby" and "Real Love" which remains one of MTV's Most Nominated Videos, the Minneapolis funk tinged "Still a Thrill" and "Friends" with Eric B & Rakim (the groundbreaking single that first catapulted the rap/sung verses into the mainstream). Watley's catalogue spans decades 80's, 90's, 00' and 10's. Jody Watley is also the distinct sound of the group Shalamar as the original female lead vocalist on soul classics like "Take That To The Bank " and "A Night To Remember." Watley's music crosses genres from Disco, Soul/ R&B, Pop Crossover, Freestyle, Hip-hop, Funk and Dance/Electronica. Continuing to evolve artistically and as entrepreneur you can add groundbreaking ad campaigns, and fashion layouts making you understand why Watley is regarded as a music legend and remains a venerable influential force creating the template for other female artists in music.

It’s also her modus operandi with Shalamar Reloaded "SRL" her new vocal dance trio for the new millennium. The soulfully funky and eclectic dance party takes the audience on a journey of inspiration and romance with an array of Jody Watley classics and new music. Joined by SRL's Nate Allen Smith and Rosero McCoy along with a funky rhythm section that breath new life into those songs, Watley says emphatically "We're not just up here going through the motions. We are bringing a kick ass show, visuals, trendsetting style, and new choreography - all of it; fans get a unique experience.

Shalamar Reloaded or "SRL" features Ohio native, male lead vocalist Nate Allen Smith and renowned choreographer Rosero McCoy (Keke Palmer, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, Toni Braxton, America’s Best Dance Crew, Disney's Shake It Up). In a short timespan, SRL have taken their dynamic concert experience to sold out concerts around the United States (Los Angeles, Oakland, New York, Honolulu, Washington D.C., Atlantic City) to rave reviews. Internationally SRL have made their mark in Japan, United Kingdom for mega festivals (Let's Rock London, Happy Days) and Amsterdam. Television appearances include (WGN Morning News Chicago, KTLA Morning News Los Angeles with Sam Rubin, MY Fox5 DC Morning Show, Good Day Washington). Jody Watley LIVE in Concert was broadcast across Asia on Fuji NextTV, as well as two one-hour specials on SIRIUSXM's The Groove with BK Kirkland and countless features across the web.

As an artistic statement, it’s a perfect encapsulation of Watley’s career thus far as she says "This is where I’ve been / this is what I’ve done - this is where I am and what I’m doing right now. This is how I’m mapping the future, I've sold millions of records, have influenced a new generation of women in music not to mention many solo benchmarks, from the UK's Band Aid, I'm an award winning songwriter with BMI.but it's not about resting on laurels. SRL are now a part of my moving forward for exciting new adventures." With three much talked about singles and videos under their belt (the soulful ballad 'Slowdance', the edgy and bold O.R.I.G.IN.A.L and the feel good jam "The Mood') SRL continue paving a new path. "That's a part of what our forthcoming "Bridges" album is about; building pathways for those what want to be on it and new connections. Inspired by the past because we've all learned from it - but wanting to build something new and better for today moving toward the future. Bringing people together in the world through music, all ages and ethnicities. A universal squad so to speak. It's great to have this type of group experience and I'm happy the universe brought this to me...we want to be together and work well as a team."

Watley's current release is the critically acclaimed EP "Paradise" with hit single and videos "Nightlife" and "Dancer."