Dru Hill

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 Founded in 1992 as "14K Harmony," the group, discovered by manager Kevin Peck, evolved to become "Dru Hill" in 1996, engraving itself into the legacy of R&B music and bringing a dynamic sound to the ever-changing industry. Known for hits like "Tell Me," "In My Bed," "Never Make a Promise," and "How Deep Is Your Love," the group has given the world music for the ages. As the dynamic quartet gears up to celebrate their 20th Anniversary, it’s clear that they’ve just gotten started. In celebration of their journey thus far, the group has exciting surprises in store for its expanding fan base everywhere. Recording new material and continuously performing at sold-out venues around the globe, Dru Hill continues to solidify its legacy as one of the greatest groups of all time.



SisQo, the dynamic frontman and founding member of the soon-to-be Hall of Fame foursome, gives the group its edge and soulful flavor. Singing since the age of two, he has harnessed an incredible talent for taking amazing songs to new heights with his powerhouse vocals. Known for his trend-setting style, choreography and universal reach, his musical brilliance shines brighter for fans with each passing year. 



Nokio, founder and in-house producer for the group, has given Dru Hill its mass appeal and staying power for over two decades. Since the age of 14, his genius as a vocalist, songwriter, producer and entrepreneur has blended to give the group its timeless sound and limitless potential. As an artist, continuously growing across genres, he brings a unique ability to cross musical thresholds, while still staying true to fans all over the world.



Original member and anchoring vocalist, Jazz, is the smooth yet sophisticated voice that put a gentle touch on Dru Hill hits like "Tell Me," "Never Make a Promise," and more. Classically trained, he grew up in a family of singers that gave him the inspiration to touch the world through music. After 20 years, his vocal versatility and indispensable talents as a songwriter and producer still leave audiences wanting more.



Growing up, Tao always stood out as an exceptional vocalist and since joining the Dru Hill family in 2008, he has helped the group rise to new levels of greatness. First, lending his incredible singing range to the highly anticipated fourth studio album, "Indrupendence Day”, Tao helped to make singles like “Love MD” and “Back to the Future” instant fan favorites. His addition to the group adds another dimension of sound to the already-immaculate harmony that Dru Hill is renowned for.