Julio Iglesias, Jr.


Julio Iglesias Jr. was interested in modeling and acting before starting a music career. Iglesias Jr. was born in Madrid, Spain, later moving to the U.S. As college student in California, Spanish star Julio Iglesias' son got into show business.

After getting a role in the Out of the Blue series and hosting The Travel Channel's Latin-related shows, Julio Iglesias Jr. decided to step in the music scene. His song "Nothing Else" was included on 1999's Music of the Heart soundtrack.

To get his first record done, Iglesias Jr. worked along with producer Rodolfo Castillo, releasing an EP called One More Chance. That song's video was his first one rotated by MTV Latino.

In the year 2000, Julio Iglesias Jr. was awarded as Best New Artist by FAMA at a New York City's ceremony. That same year, one of his songs was chose to take part in the anti-drug charitable album No Absolutely No, produced by Sony Music Japan.