American singer Ginuwine is one of R&B’s most famous names from during the hip-hop and soul glory days of the 90s. With a sultry sound and soothing, seductive output, Ginuwine has scored many chart successes both solo, but also when working with production behemoth Timbaland. Even when times and fashions have changed, Ginuwine’s music has remained en vogue, with his fans never growing tired of his intimate and honest output.

Inspired by Prince and Michael Jackson, Ginuwine began singing and performing as young as 12 and before long was discovered and taken to record in New York. With Timbaland he cut the track “Pony,” whose slow, halting groove and impassioned vocals helped Ginuwine land a deal with Sony’s 550 Music imprint and a star was born.

A debut album followed in 1996 with The Bachelor, and it became a number one R&B smash and eventual double-platinum hit. Many singles climbed high up the charts and Ginuwine became a bona fide sex symbol. He toured heavily in support of The Bachelor, and more albums have followed with just as much success, including 100% Ginuwine and The Life. In 2002, Ginuwine made his feature film debut in the gender-bending basketball comedy Juwanna Mann then hit the top ten of the charts once more when linking with P. Diddy on “I Need a Girl, Pt. 2.” The Senior (2003) and Back II da Basics (2005) reached the Top Five of the R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart and Ginuwine singed to a distribution deal with Warner Bros. A Man’s Thoughts was released in 2009, then his 7th album Elgin was followed with Three Kings, released in 2013 under the name TGT. Ginuwine, then, is a modern R&B legend who is as hot today as he ever was.